Another plea for help!

The PMA board has been working diligently since February 2019 when we learned that Chapter 49 of the PA teacher certification regulations were up for review. We have organized PMA members across the state to testify in various cities to the committee of the state board. We have provided template letters for our schools, teachers, and parents to send to Harrisburg, and hundreds have already been sent.

During our testimony in Philadelphia, the state board of education requested a crosswalk showing the alignment of the PA learning standards with the Montessori curriculum for PreK through 12th gradeā€”a daunting task! Because our volunteer time is limited, and the deadline for submission is looming (June 14, 2019), we have hired a consultant from the Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI) to complete this intense and necessary work for us. This will deplete our fledging bank account. We respectfully request that each Montessori school in PA contribute $50 to $100 (or more!) to help fund this crucial work. The crosswalk will then be available for all PMA members to use also.

Thank you for considering helping us with this worthy cause. The PA teacher certification regulations are only reviewed every 10 years. This is our chance! We have our foot in the door and we would like to keep the momentum to enable, hopefully, to have accredited Montessori teacher education program accepted as alternative program providers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Please use the form below to make a donation to PMA or checks may be made payable to Pennsylvania Montessori Alliance and mailed to:

Marie Conti (Pennsylvania Montessori Alliance)
c/o The Wetherill School
1321 Beaumont Drive
Gladwyne, PA 19035