Pennsylvania Montessori Alliance – Update on Advocacy Work!


We are excited to announce that we have been contacted by the PA Department of Education to arrange a meeting very soon to further discuss our request to consider MACTE accredited Montessori Teacher Education Programs as alternative program providers in PA!
Our accomplishments:

  • We had representatives from PA Montessori schools testify in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Homestead, and Lock Haven. We thank everyone for their time and testimonies.
  • Our PA Montessori schools, parents, and teachers mailed hundreds of letters to the state board of education in support of our cause.
  • We have submitted a completed crosswalk of the PA learning standards with the Montessori curriculum for Kindergarten through high school.
  • We have representatives from MACTE and MPPI willing to join us in our meeting with the State Board of Education.
  • Your hundreds of letters and efforts are paying off!

We thank MPPI for their support in partially funding the huge undertaking of creating the crosswalk. But our work has only just begun. We will be travelling to Harrisburg to meet with representatives over the coming months and continuing to work with the state board until we attain our goal!

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